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P r o d u c t s

Free-Range Eggs

As Fresh As Can Be

ur egg laying chickens roam
freely throughout the day
and roost inside their coup
at night. Besides eating grass
and bugs, the birds also have free choice to organic feed mix during their entire life. Our eggs are a variety of sizes and colors because we house about four different breeds, all varying in size and color themselves. The yolks of our eggs will be darker in tone and stand taller than any store bought egg because of the freshness of the egg and the diet of the hen. The true test is their flavor.

One of our goals is to build a mobile egg house. This would allow us to create a system where the laying hens follow the cows, cleaning up insects and bugs that are attracted to cow manure. This holistic system is similar to nature. As you will notice with any wild grazing animals, birds will
shortly follow after the grazers.

How do I order?

You may contact us by or by phone at (715) 289-4896 for an order form.